Face Plant Scorecard: Paradise Bakery

Restaurant Name: Paradise Bakery

Grade: C-

Number of Plant-Based Meals on Menu: 1

What to Order: The Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich.

Now, depending on how strict you adhere to the plant-based diet, deciding what to order here can be a nightmare. Seriously, look at the salad menu! Salads, the ultimate staple in any plant-based diet, are ruined by the fact that Paradise Bakery adds chicken to every single one. Not to mention all the other meats plaguing every dish here.

There’s only one item you can order here: the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. It’s actually really tasty, and contains hummus, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and cilantro hummus. However, you have to ask them to not include feta cheese.

We give this restaurant a C- because it isn’t vegetarian-friendly at all. All of the soups are made with some sort of meat-based broth and the only remotely safe choice contains cheese. Now, you can ask them to not add chicken, but during rush hour lunch times, the staff isn’t exactly thrilled to oblige this request. Not to mention you’ll still be paying full price for the chicken that was removed.

However, the bread is really tasty here. Seriously, these people know how to bake the best bread. And, if you’re like me and still eat eggs, the cookies here are to die for. So if you can overlook their offenses against vegetarians, this is a nice place to grab lunch.

These are the people conspiring to kill your plant-based diet by undermining your willpower with their superbly cooked food!








  1. Ben Ferguson says

    I was told today, by someone who works at Paradise Bakery, that the hummus contains milk. Not sure if that is true or not, but I would like to know for certain.

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