Man Up and Drink Your Spinach Smoothie

Eat spinach smoothies. They’re tasty, healthy, and fun to brag about drinking. Not to mention you can throw pretty much everything but the kitchen sink into the blender to make this baby.

We’re not gonna lie, here: Spinach isn’t normally the first ingredient we grab when trying to whip up the frothy goodness that is the smoothie. However, we are no longer six years old. We don’t have to scrunch up our noses at the likes of spinach, brussel sprouts or the cooties. But spinach smoothies are notoriously easy to make and are loaded with vitamins.

This is the anti-recipe. It’s for the measurement-impaired. Allergic to teaspoons? Don’t have the slightest idea how big an ounce is? Do you often improvise and skip important steps in the directions? No fear. You pretty much have to consciously try to screw this smoothie up.

So why a spinach smoothie? Why not, say, a salad? Spinach smoothies are tasty, healthy, and fun to brag about drinking. Like protein shakes. Or V8. But tastier. That’s right. This beverage is actually pretty delicious.

Here’s the ingredient equation: 60% fruit, 40% veggies. Seriously, you can throw pretty much any plant based nonsense into this smoothie.

We used:

  • 1 mango
  • 1 can of apple juice
  • A few slices of green melon
  • ¼ of a cucumber
  • a handful of chopped mint leaves
  • LOTS of spinach (like, half of the blender. Yeah. We’re hardcore like that.)
  • handful of ice cubes


We even tossed in some vanilla Greek yogurt to make it creamier. It was delicious and rebellious. Dairy isn’t part of the plant-based diet, but we decided to stick it to the man.

The idea is to keep it tasting sweet, while still subtly inserting vegetables into the mix that are otherwise tasteless.

Other ingredients that can’t go wrong:

  • Kiwis
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Various frozen fruit. (Except pineapple. This tropical fruit sabotages the whole drink with it’s overpowering sweetness.)
  • Any kind of fruit juice. (Pick one. And don’t overdo it.)

Serving note: most people aren’t as brave as you are now that you drink spinach smoothies. Coercion and heartfelt testimonials alone won’t get them on Team Spinach Smoothie. You have to subtly trick them into drinking said mixture.

A little re-branding works wonders: “Do you want to try some Mango-Mint smoothie?”

This subterfuge actually works to your skeptical friend’s advantage. See, this smoothie is ridiculously healthy. It’s packed with vitamins you can’t even pronounce, nevertheless remember to add to your diet.


Benefits of Consuming Spinach:

  • Heart healthy
  • Slows brain function decline in the older crowd
  • Excellent source of iron, which us plant-based dieters often have deficiencies in
  • A cartenoid in Spinach protects us against cataracts and other eye-related problems
  • Contains anti-inflammatory nutrients
  • Contains anti-cancer nutrients

So man up and drink your spinach smoothie!


  1. Lori says

    I just found your website and I love it! The writing is wonderful and I like the recipes. I’m not a vegetarian, but try to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. I’ll continue to visit!nn1

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