Best Plant Based Snacks for the On the Go Vegetarian

Here at Face Plant Project, we’re always on the lookout for the trendy ways you can flaunt your morally-superior vegetarianism in front of others. What’s better than toting around one of these Face Plant approved snacks?

  • Home-Made Granola Bar. We love this recipe not only for it’s vegan-ness, but also because it doesn’t have the lengthy, hard-to pronounce list of ingredients or the sugar content of other power bars out there. Say no to the extensive ingredients list and yes to home cooked treats! I’d totally post a recipe for all of you wonderful people, but I haven’t found one I really love yet. All the better reason why you need to stay tuned.
  • Trail Mix Varieties. Dried fruit/nut combos are always a healthy alternative. Not to mention that every time you man up and chow down on some of those gross almonds you instantly impress everyone around you.
  • Cucumber Sandwich Wrap. Replacing fluffy wheat bread with flatbread instantly transforms this traditional sandwich into a mobile vehicle of deliciousness. Nobody can deny the healthiness of this sandwich, either:

Sandwich Breakdown:

Flatbread. A handful of each of the following: spinach, thin cucumber slices, sliced strawberries. Optional: spread cream cheese on the bread first. Place all ingredients in sandwich, roll it up, and you’ve got the perfect on-the-go meal!

  • Carrot Sticks/Jicama Thermos Surprise: It’s called a thermos surprise because we like excitement. Just stuff a few carrot sticks and jicama (pronounced: hi-kuh-muh) into a thermos and fill with water. I like sprinkling some paprika into the thermos. It adds to the taste. This is so accessible that you can never again claim you don’t have ‘time’ to eat delicious veggies.

Also, for those of you who don’t know, jicama is one of those obscure vegetables us Face Planters pride ourselves on knowing exist. It’s a root vegetable and is traditionally sliced up like the photo below and soaked in water.


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