Obscure Vegetables: Arugula

Us vegetarians, vegans and plant-based dieters have been handed a mission unlike any other: to uncover explore vegetables and investigate pressing questions such as the difference between spinach and arugula. This blog series is all about giving you the recipes and information you need to live a little at the grocery store and shop out of your comfort zone.

Arugula vs. Spinach

Basically, Arugula is spinach with a little more texture and a little less flavor. Arugula is like the younger sibling, aspiring to the nutrient-rich brother Spinach but falling short when it comes to the numbers. But arugula is good news for those who detest the flavor of spinach, because the two are almost interchangeable when it comes to mixing them in dishes. Arugula has a less obtrusive flavor than spinach, and therefore is a better choice for cracker toppings and mixed into pasta. He may not compare in terms of grades, but Arugula has plenty of good qualities that sometimes even Spinach can’t match up to!

Other Aliases for Arugula

Arugula is also known as “garden rocket”, “eruca”, “rocket salad” or “Eruca sativa”. Have fun using that last one in casual conversation.

wildflower cafe arugula salad

Wildflower Cafe even uses arugula in their salads. No ordinary citizens would ever realize that those green leafy things aren’t spinach or lettuce.

Uses for Arugula

  • Arugula on Crackers: Arugula is a pretty tame vegetable when eaten raw. It’s laid-back flavor can be paired with nearly anything. Our favorite combo? A Triscuit cracker with Arugula and cheese or cheese substitute. For all you loose interpreters of the vegetarian codes, I’ve heard smoked salmon tops this combo off nicely. Here are some other combinations that also taste awesome: chunky salsa/arugula/cheese, strawberry/arugula, tomato/arugula/cream cheese.
  •  Arugula/Spinach Salad: why eat a salad with just spinach or just arugula? How about mix both? The varying flavors give the salad an interesting taste and texture.

Now you’re a full-fledged arugula expert. Now go, Face Planters, and explore the intriguing aisles of obscure vegetables!


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