5 Tips to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

“You mean, to become a vegetarian/plant based diet-er, I have to eat more vegetables?”

No, the “veg” in “vegetarian” is just a coincidence.

Of course you do! In fact, everybody could use more vegetables in their diet, whether it be for cancer and disease prevention, weight loss, or just for the bragging rights. (Two words: Arugula. Jicama. Top those Obscure Vegetables, I dare you!)

Anyways, I’m going to show you 5 super stealthy tips so that you can add more vegetables to your diet and not even realize that you’re eating foods like Spinach on Popeye-like proportions.

(this is Jicama, FYI)

  1. Side Dishes: You know what always goes well with a meal? A side salad. Or how about some green beans? Wait! That spinach is about to expire! Chop up some walnuts and grab the dried cranberries and go nuts with that spinach salad. Make these side dishes a vegetable-palooza to be reckoned with.
  2. Veggie-heavy meals: Two words. Minestrone Soup. Vegetarian-style. Go find a recipe. (Eventually I’ll post mine, it has a ton of delicious and nutrient rich vegetables.) Basically, any kind of soup with vegetable broth and a variety of tasty veggies makes for a perfect meal with satisfying leftovers.
  3. The “Eye Level” Rule: When you go shopping in retail stores, all of the brand-new overly priced items are always in the front of the store at eye level. Why? Because stores know that people are inherently lazy. Merchandise needs to be accessible in order to increase sales. Same goes with vegetables. They will surely be forgotten if they’re wilting in the back of the fridge behind all those brightly colored fruits and tasty tofurkey. Put them RIGHT IN THE FRONT of your fridge, pre-washed, in a colored bowl. At eye level. Minimal effort will be required, and when hunger strikes, these vegetables will be the first food you grab for.
  4. Learn how to cook them properly: When cooking leek, you want to be tender without turning brown. Learn all of these little cooking tips in order to cook your vegetables properly and to their fullest level of deliciousness!
  5. Challenge yourself to add vegetables to EVERY dish: You know what would taste better with that tofu? Not a vegan? Add salsa to those eggs in the morning! What about that pasta? It needs some green peppers!

The veggie challenge: don’t just eat more vegetables. Become a connoisseur. Check out our rapidly expanding list of obscure vegetables and enjoy your new repertoire of exotic foods!



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    Liked the article! Yes, there are quite some ways to eat more vegetables.

    I do it with a salad alongside my main dish, mixed with broccoli, or when I eat a sandwich I eat that alongside with broccoli. Yes, I love broccoli :).

    Spinach is something I like also very much. My wife makes a delicious spinach-pumpkin soup. It goes fast, easy and tastes really good.

    Following a healthy vegetarian diet really does implement eating a lot of vegetables …


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      Hey, Michelle,It’s been a while since I last talked to you, hope ntghis are going well. I think your website and videos are great. Keep up the good work.I have a comment/suggestion for a future topic. While I really admire your dedication to veganism and completely agree with you that modern mass production of animal products is ethically bankrupt, I know I will never likely give up animal products. I’m sorry to say that I just enjoy them too much.But, I’d be interested to hear if you have any suggestions for us non-vegans on how to eat more conscientiously. (Easy substitutions, the really bad ntghis to avoid, etc.) I really think there might be ntghis veganism could teach Americans about improving their eating habits, even if a lot of the population, like me doesn’t give up animal products entirely. We could all learn to eat healthier and more ethically responsible.

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