Plant-Based Diet Staple #1: Brown Rice

Notice we don’t mention white rice. Why? Well, white rice is the root of all evil. And besides, brown rice tastes better and doesn’t go soggy when it gets converted to leftovers and shoved into the dark recesses of our refrigerators, never to be heard from again. Also, brown rice is super healthy for you.

Here’s some great uses for this diet staple:

  • Brown rice served with Steamed Veggies and a small amount of sauce on the side (you don’t get bonus points for drenching your meal in high fructose corn syrup)
  • Brown rice topped with beans and other vegan burrito makings (Chipotle style!)
  • Brown rice with chili beans on top (don’t forget to throw in those neglected steamed veggie leftovers from our first suggestion)
  • Making brown rice into new kinds of fusion rice (lemon rice, Mexican rice, Chipotle rice…)
  • Turning brown rice into a salad (Kale and brown rice salad)


Types: Uncooked/frozen/pre-cooked

Precooked is the best of the three.

Also, you can get some ready made brown rice that you just have to add hot water too. Helps for those who need to set a record for ‘best meal prepared in under five minutes’.

Health Benefits:

  • 1 cup of brown rice = 88% of your daily value of Manganese, which turns protein and carbohydrates into energy and is important for a healthy nervous system.
  • Weight loss: numerous studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that consuming high-fiber, whole-grain foods are positively correlated with weight loss.
  • Selenium, known to decrease your risk of colon cancer, is also found in brown rice.
  • The Magnesium in brown rice strengthens bones by aiding the absorption of protein.

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