Vegan Noodles!

Yeah, so Asian food is difficult for us vegetarians because of the stealthy nature of the broth. Why would a perfectly good soup be destroyed by a meat-based broth?!

Anyways, these are my favorite noodles and soups.


  • Low sodium. Often times vegetable broth overcompensates on the sodium in order to make up for the “lack of taste.” Lies. All of my recommendations have low sodium and include a soy sauce soup base for maximum flavor and minimum sodium.
  • Pre-cooked noodles. Not only do these cook more quickly, but it also tastes better.
  • Some sort of topping. Yeah, you can always cut up some extra veggies and chuck them into the soup. I would recommend it. But all of these soups come with some sort of crunchy tofu-y topping. It adds interesting texture.


  • Annie Chun’s Udon Soup. You find out last minute that the soiree you’re going to is NOT vegan friendly. That’s fine. Make some soup, keep it in a thermos, and spend the entire night slurping these delicious noodles and nodding wanly at whoever is nice enough to converse with you. I love this soup because it’s delicious. It’s tangy and salty, and the broth is actually kind of amazing.

  • ¬†Annie Chun’s Peanut Sesame Noodle Bowl. I like this one ’cause it’s crunchy. I legit expected this to be soggy. I was like, “there is NO way this is going to stay crunchy after a round-trip tour of the interior of my microwave.” I was wrong. There was so much crunch going on in my mouth I couldn’t hear my own thoughts. The Cap’n would be proud. Ok, so it wasn’t that crunchy, but my point is the texture is amazing. It isn’t like these other vegan dishes that feel like slop in a can. This Asian insta-food is perfectly flavored with seasoning. AND for those of us with little to no time on our hands, it’s a low-cal, tasty, spur-of-the-moment-I’m-literally-eating-this-while-I-drive lunch option.


It can be hard for us plant-based dieters to find great on-the-go meals that don’t taste like tofu soaked in microwaved dishwater. Luckily, you have industry experts like me to make silly observations about the most delicious foods you DIDN’T know existed in the riveting world of grocery stores.

Stay tuned for more secrets of the shelves.

Hey. That’d be a good movie title.


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