3 Types of Plant Based Diets

Want to join the exciting world of plant-based diets, but can’t give up tuna or milk? Good news! There’s a type of plant-based diet for all of you, purists included!

  1. The Pescetarian Plant Based Diet. (AKA: the “Fish are food, not friends” dieter). Pescetarians eat salmon, tuna, sushi, lobster, and any other fishy confections. These dieters often say that they can’t subsist on just tofu alone. Pescetarians are most often in this for animal-rights reason, and fish and crustaceans aren’t cute enough. Sorry, Nemo, you made your case well, but you’ll be eaten anyways. Health benefits: Fish are a great source of Omega 3’s and protein, and if Pescetarians stay away from the fish that contain high levels of mercury, this diet can be very healthy because you aren’t facing the same kind of deficiencies that other dieters often face. The Pescetarian Plant Based Diet (unlike normal Pescetarianism) focuses around eating a LOT of fruits and veggies, and smaller amounts of meat and dairy, reminiscent of the other two types of diets.
  2. The Vegetarian Plant Based Diet. (AKA: the, “soy milk is gross” dieter). The Vegetarian is exactly like the Pescetarian — just without the fish! This means the Vegetarian has to be more creative when finding ways to get protein. Tofu, beans, and dairy products are the main sources of protein for this type of dieter.
  3. The Vegan Plant Based Diet. (AKA: the purist). The Vegan Plant Based Diet is perhaps the most difficult diet of all: no dairy, no milk, no meat… and often Vegans extend their diet to their lifestyle as well, and therefore don’t wear leather or fur. That means they eat a lot of tofu-based products, beans, fruits, veggies, asian noodle dishes, the works. Vegans need to be extra careful at restaurants. Veganism is the most difficult diet, but the health benefits include better heart health, a healthier weight, and lower blood pressure.

Whatever diet you choose, you have to make sure you’re not relying on processed foods (or fast foods!) to make up a majority of your diet. Health first!


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