Become a Vegetarian in Five Days

Becoming a vegetarian can seem like a challenge. Not only are you cutting out meat from your diet, but you also have to ensure that you get all of your nutrients from plant-based foods in order to stay healthy.

Never fear! I’m here today to give you a seven day plan that will help you ease into the life of green eating and eventually pass on your newfound love of all things lean and green to unsuspecting friends and loved ones.

Day One: Man Up and Drink Your Veggies

Recipe of the Day: our infamous Spinach Smoothie

Your indoctrination into the Face Plant Project and the world of vegetarianism begins with the knowledge that fruits and veggies are delicious and you can eat (and drink) them in many forms.

So even if you hate spinach in its raw form, once you try our smoothie you’ll realize that, with the right preparation, any kind of fruits and vegetable can be whipped up into a delicious vegetarian dish.

Challenge of the Day: Calculate how many fruits and veggies you should be eating per day, and then see how easy it is to reach that goal.

Day Two: Understand the Benefits

Recipe of the Day: 5 Minute Corn and Bean Salad 

Switching over to a plant-based diet helps you lose weight, fight cancer, clear your arteries, and become validated by Harvard studies.

Understanding the benefits of becoming a vegetarian helps you stick to it. Three cheers for intrinsic motivation!

Challenge of the Day:  Write down three reasons why you want to become a vegetarian and stick the list on your fridge.

Day Three: Become a Protein Master

Recipe of the Day: Minestrone Soup, Vegan Style

The first thing people will say to you when you become a vegetarian is: “So, like, what about protein?” And you will laugh and reply, “silly omnivores! There are plenty of ways I can get enough protein each day!”

And then you will win over your critics with your delicious minestrone soup and then merrily inform them of the ridiculous amount of protein in beans and how protein from vegetables is healthier than protein from red meat.

Challenge of the Day: Play an enlightening game of “Defensive Omnivore Bingo” found on the bottom of this page and understand that not everyone will “get” your way of life.

Day Four: Grill Your Way to Success

Recipe of the Day: Five Minute Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Show others that you can still be the master of the grill even as a vegetarian.

Not only can you make delicious sandwiches such as the one pictured above, but you can also grill vegetables and skewer them with sharp pointy sticks and serve them with tofu and be the culinary wizard you have always secretly wanted to be.

Challenge of the Day: Cook vegetables like you have never cooked them before. Try different sauces, steam them, or combine them with rice.

Day Five: Indoctrinate Others

Challenge of the Day: Create your own recipe to prove to yourself that being a vegetarian can be wildly delicious and empowering at the same time. Feed to critical family and friends to subtly communicate your newfound ethical integrity and culinary superiority. Play Food Inc. post-meal.

Seduce your friends and loved ones into the cult of vegetarianism with your newfound knowledge and epic cooking skills. Oh, and use this article to help you on your righteous crusade of plant-based conversion.

Converting your family/friends/significant other to a diet based primarily on green things that grow from the ground is a subtle art. Like trying to politely tell someone they have broccoli stuck in their teeth, this issue should be approached with the same amount of careful finesse. And a little bit of outright trickery. Read more…


Good luck, plant-based dieters! May the vegetarian forces of good and Whole Foods be with you.

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