Vegan Cashew Cream

Happy holidays! I hope all the dead, flightless birds didn’t keep you from having a wonderful, plant-based Thanksgiving. One of the things I gave thanks for was CASHEW CREAM. This epic, multifaceted vegan topping/lifesaver is easily confused by carnivore friends and family as real, unhealthy dairy-based cream. But it’s not. It’s wonderful and healthy. Uses […]

Low Fat Hummus! (Plant-Based Diet Staple)

Today’s recipe is a delicious low-fat hummus!

Most store-bought hummus contains tahini oil, which does contain good (monounsaturated) fat. However, too much good fat can also be bad for you, so if you’re like me and get your monounsaturated fats from things like avocados instead, you’re going to need this low-fat hummus!

Become a Vegetarian in Five Days

Becoming a vegetarian can seem like a challenge. Not only are you cutting out meat from your diet, but you also have to ensure that you get all of your nutrients from plant-based foods in order to stay healthy.

Never fear! I’m here today to give you a seven day plan that will help you ease into the life of green eating and eventually pass on your newfound love of all things lean and green to unsuspecting friends and loved ones.

6 Ways to Stay Vegetarian in College

Staying on a plant-based diet in college can be challenging — especially if you live in the dorms and don’t have access to a kitchen of your own. Dining halls may have vegan and vegetarian choices, but often times the pickings are slim.

Here are 6 ways to stay vegan or vegetarian while in college!

7 Gift Ideas for Vegans

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s that time of year where you’re pressed to come up with Christmas gifts for all of those individuals on your list. I’ve compiled a great list of christmas gifts for vegans, vegetarians, and other plant-based dieters you’re buying gifts for!   1. A Donation to Farm Sanctuary […]

Why Protein is Important

So why is protein especially important to those of us following the plant based diet? Why do we need to work so hard to make sure we’re getting enough? WHY PROTEIN IS IMPORTANT FOR MAINTAINING GOOD HEALTH Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass and rebuilding and performing maintenance on ALL the cells in our […]

The DVD That Will Convert You to Vegetarianism

I became a vegetarian the day I watched this video. If you’re willing to hear the truth about our food industry, you need to see this acclaimed documentary, because investigative journalism was invented for revelations like this. This documentary is well-made and engaging, and once you watch it you will never be the same again. […]

Obscure Vegetables: Leek

What is a leek? Want something sweeter than onions and a bit more interesting than celery? Grab a leek! And don’t let that hairy stuff at the bottom scare you. This vegetable works really well in soup because it doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors and also contains a variety of great nutrients.