3 Types of Plant Based Diets

Want to join the exciting world of plant-based diets, but can’t give up tuna or milk? Good news! There’s a type of plant-based diet for all of you, purists included! The Pescetarian Plant Based Diet. (AKA: the “Fish are food, not friends” dieter). Pescetarians eat salmon, tuna, sushi, lobster, and any other fishy confections. These […]

Vegan Noodles!

Yeah, so Asian food is difficult for us vegetarians because of the stealthy nature of the broth. Why would a perfectly good soup be destroyed by a meat-based broth?! Anyways, these are my favorite noodles and soups. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN VEGAN SOUPS: Low sodium. Often times vegetable broth overcompensates on the sodium in […]

Protein: How Much? What kinds?

Even if you’re not eating an exclusively plant-based diet, protein is incredibly important to your overall health and well being. For those of us trying to lose weight or simply maintain, protein is essential to make sure you’re not hungry all of the time. But how much? What kinds? What are some of the best […]

Recipe: Minestrone Soup. Vegan-style.

The best recipes are the simple ones. This delicious vegan-style Minestrone Soup will take about an hour to prepare but most of that time you spend hanging out by your soup making sure it doesn’t bubble over and explode. Ingredients: 1 Large Leek, thinly sliced 2 carrots, chopped. (Or a handful of baby carrots, chopped) […]

5 Tips to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

“You mean, to become a vegetarian/plant based diet-er, I have to eat more vegetables?” No, the “veg” in “vegetarian” is just a coincidence. Of course you do! In fact, everybody could use more vegetables in their diet, whether it be for cancer and disease prevention, weight loss, or just for the bragging rights. (Two words: […]

Obscure Vegetables: Jicama

What is jicama? Jicama (pronounced: hi-kuh-muh) is one of those obscure vegetables us Face Planters pride ourselves on knowing exist. It’s a root vegetable and is traditionally peeled, sliced up, and put in salads, served with dip, or eaten plain. It’s a great addition to salads because it absorbs the taste of the salad dressing. […]

Plant-Based Diet Staple #1: Soy Milk

Soy milk, as far as I’m concerned, is the ultimate plant-based diet staple. Not only does it come in delicious flavors such as vanilla, but it has more protein and fiber than regular milk. The biggest benefit of going soy, however, is the fact that it contains isoflavones, which are chemicals similar to the hormone […]