Protein Amounts in Vegetables – Shovel in Those Salads!

Yes, vegetables have protein in them.  But since most people need between 45-65 grams of protein a day (more for athletes), you’ll need to eat like a horse, not a rabbit, to get enough solely from common vegetable sources. What’s the most common way we eat a large number of vegetables?  Salads!  And they are […]

So They Say Plant-Based People Can’t Get Enough Protein? It Just Ain’t So.

If you are a vegan or strict vegetarian, surely someone in your life has questioned whether your diet can have enough protein. Next time, be ready with some statistics about how the amount of protein you need and how you can nail those numbers with your healthy diet. And well, also, do make sure you […]

Clear those Arteries with a Plant Based Diet

Once upon a time there were doctors that thought that a Total Cholesterol number under 250 was healthy.  Later, doctors lowered the acceptable Total Cholesterol to 200, but nevertheless, the cardiologist profession has “ballooned”, with plenty of heart surgeons booked with stents and angioplasty procedures to open up clogged arteries. Meanwhile, the Framingham heart study […]

Quitting Meat Cold Turkey

Even though the term “cold turkey” was originally coined when people meant a dish that would required little preparation, a later comparison was the way skin looked when people went through heroin withdrawal. For most of us, quitting meat should not be likened to heroin withdrawal, but hey, we recognize that for some of you, […]

Thwart Prostate Cancer with a Plant-Based Diet

Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, with 240,000 new cases expected this year just in the United States alone. But guess what, statistics show that Prostate Cancer is 30-50 times higher in western countries, which points to LIFESTYLE FACTORS as an important cause. If you are diagnosed with Prostate […]