Become a Vegetarian in Five Days

Becoming a vegetarian can seem like a challenge. Not only are you cutting out meat from your diet, but you also have to ensure that you get all of your nutrients from plant-based foods in order to stay healthy.

Never fear! I’m here today to give you a seven day plan that will help you ease into the life of green eating and eventually pass on your newfound love of all things lean and green to unsuspecting friends and loved ones.

6 Ways to Stay Vegetarian in College

Staying on a plant-based diet in college can be challenging — especially if you live in the dorms and don’t have access to a kitchen of your own. Dining halls may have vegan and vegetarian choices, but often times the pickings are slim.

Here are 6 ways to stay vegan or vegetarian while in college!

7 Gift Ideas for Vegans

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s that time of year where you’re pressed to come up with Christmas gifts for all of those individuals on your list. I’ve compiled a great list of christmas gifts for vegans, vegetarians, and other plant-based dieters you’re buying gifts for!   1. A Donation to Farm Sanctuary […]

Why Protein is Important

So why is protein especially important to those of us following the plant based diet? Why do we need to work so hard to make sure we’re getting enough? WHY PROTEIN IS IMPORTANT FOR MAINTAINING GOOD HEALTH Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass and rebuilding and performing maintenance on ALL the cells in our […]

3 Types of Plant Based Diets

Want to join the exciting world of plant-based diets, but can’t give up tuna or milk? Good news! There’s a type of plant-based diet for all of you, purists included! The Pescetarian Plant Based Diet. (AKA: the “Fish are food, not friends” dieter). Pescetarians eat salmon, tuna, sushi, lobster, and any other fishy confections. These […]

Protein: How Much? What kinds?

Even if you’re not eating an exclusively plant-based diet, protein is incredibly important to your overall health and well being. For those of us trying to lose weight or simply maintain, protein is essential to make sure you’re not hungry all of the time. But how much? What kinds? What are some of the best […]

5 Tips to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

“You mean, to become a vegetarian/plant based diet-er, I have to eat more vegetables?” No, the “veg” in “vegetarian” is just a coincidence. Of course you do! In fact, everybody could use more vegetables in their diet, whether it be for cancer and disease prevention, weight loss, or just for the bragging rights. (Two words: […]

Best Plant Based Snacks for the On the Go Vegetarian

Here at Face Plant Project, we’re always on the lookout for the trendy ways you can flaunt your morally-superior vegetarianism in front of others. What’s better than toting around one of these Face Plant approved snacks? Spinach Smoothie. If you can’t tell already, we’re pretty much in love with this anti-recipe.  Carry it in a […]

Chai Latte World Tour

Every fashionable plant-based dieter loves a good soy milk Chai Latte. If you don’t, you obviously haven’t sampled the right kind. That is why I went on a Chai Latte World Tour! And I compiled this list for all my lovely readers out there to aid in your very own grand Chai Latte adventure. WHAT […]