Convert Your Carnivore Friends to the Plant-Based Diet Without Them Knowing

You love your friends and significant other. Chances are, they love the blasphemy that is red meat. For this to work, you’ll need to convert them. We’ll be the bible-thumping sidekick to your Joan of Arc. Let’s go preach the word of science to these unbelievers! Converting your family/friends/significant other to a diet based primarily […]

5 Best Plant-Based Foods for Weight Loss

Healthy, skinny, and protecting the animals is the holy trinity of being a nutritious plant-based dieter. But if you’re not at a healthy weight, here’s some vegan-approved foods that are not only extremely healthy, but they also aid weight loss. Being a plant-based dieter opens the door to all sorts of wonderful side effects! Cinnamon: […]

The Face Planter’s Guide to Alternative Milk

Us plant-based-dieters think that regular milk from a cow is too mainstream for our taste. (Not to mention against our diet). So we’ve dubbed ourselves connoisseurs of fine alternative milk products, and are going to help you choose your flavor of the month. Soy Milk: What comes in a variety of different flavors and is […]

Man Up and Drink Your Spinach Smoothie

Eat spinach smoothies. They’re tasty, healthy, and fun to brag about drinking. Not to mention you can throw pretty much everything but the kitchen sink into the blender to make this baby. We’re not gonna lie, here: Spinach isn’t normally the first ingredient we grab when trying to whip up the frothy goodness that is […]