Why Protein is Important

So why is protein especially important to those of us following the plant based diet? Why do we need to work so hard to make sure we’re getting enough? WHY PROTEIN IS IMPORTANT FOR MAINTAINING GOOD HEALTH Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass and rebuilding and performing maintenance on ALL the cells in our […]

Chai Latte World Tour

Every fashionable plant-based dieter loves a good soy milk Chai Latte. If you don’t, you obviously haven’t sampled the right kind. That is why I went on a Chai Latte World Tour! And I compiled this list for all my lovely readers out there to aid in your very own grand Chai Latte adventure. WHAT […]

Even Harvard Supports the Plant-Based Diet Model. Take That Insecure Carnivores!

People say that us vegetarians/plant-based dieters are waaay too defensive. The thing is, society as a whole forces us to defend the truth about the plant-based diet against their simpleminded ideas of a stereotypical vegetarian. To them, a vegetarian is somebody trying out a new diet fad, who doesn’t really understand that humans “need” meat […]

Face Plant Scorecard: Paradise Bakery

Restaurant Name: Paradise Bakery Grade: C- Number of Plant-Based Meals on Menu: 1 What to Order: The Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. Now, depending on how strict you adhere to the plant-based diet, deciding what to order here can be a nightmare. Seriously, look at the salad menu! Salads, the ultimate staple in any plant-based diet, are […]

Convert Your Carnivore Friends to the Plant-Based Diet Without Them Knowing

You love your friends and significant other. Chances are, they love the blasphemy that is red meat. For this to work, you’ll need to convert them. We’ll be the bible-thumping sidekick to your Joan of Arc. Let’s go preach the word of science to these unbelievers! Converting your family/friends/significant other to a diet based primarily […]